The NAD Manifesto

  • We no longer strive for the dreams of old. Our new goal as Americans is to develop F-you money. Money that gives us the freedom to eliminate debt, to live when, where and how we want. Money that allows us choices that don't include being bogged down by a house, a career or anything else that may cause us to feel ‘tied down’.
  • Shelter is a few walls, a roof, a place to prepare food, a place to wash up and a place to sleep. Everything else is a trick to tie you down to someone or something else.
  • Investing is the key to getting real life F - you money. Save 50% -75% of your income, invest the surplus and live off the interest. It's that simple.
  • Comfort is freedom and independence. Success is having everything you need and doing whatever it is you want.
  • Wealth isn’t 1 million dollars in the bank, wealth is the ability to live without active work. Your liabilities, are the keys to determining what is your definition of wealth. Keep your liabilities to a minimum and your F-you money threshold ie wealth goal can be achieved in roughly 10 years.
  • Those who live paycheck to paycheck are slaves, you are a slave to stupid, disrespectful customers. You are a slave to your boss who wants you to work extra hours without overtime. You are a slave to your Starbucks morning coffee. Escaping your captivity isn’t impossible but it takes a a level of dedication that most do not have.  That is your key, because your peers are caught in the matrix of buying things that they don’t need to keep up with people they don't like, you are allowed to step to the side and allow their consumer mentality to help you escape the 9-5, slave trade by buying stakes of ownership in the very businesses that they can't stop buying from.
  • Consumers feeds the wealthy - which group will you be apart of?
  • Commas in your account mean very little if you are not happy. Find your passions) in life and change the world.
  • To achieve your American Dream you must build your life plan around it and take steps everyday towards reaching it.
  • One must make rational choices by always focusing on opportunity costs.

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