I want you to Succeed Financially... Do you?

If you are reading this then it's safe to assume you are pretty smart. Before I get started I want to thank those who helped me out . Learning how to manage my money was pretty hard. Not in the sense of knowing what to buy and what not to buy, but knowing the “why” I bought something I didn’t need. They helped mold me into the semi-responsible adult I am today. A few people that helped me on my path includes, Michael Masterson, The guy who taught me the mindset it takes to be successful. David Bach, for showing me that small changes in one's habits can create tidal waves in one's life, and finally I want to thank my mother for always bailing me out when I made a stupid money choice. I am a slow learner, but she never gave up on me.
My recent success on my journey has lead me to develop a small following here on the site. I am grateful for all of you who choose to tune in every week to read my posts. It's humbling to know people who are looking for answers will come to me for them. Without you, there is no me.
I am always hesitate to give out ‘ my footsteps’ instructions because my path was hard. Your situation will probably not be as dire as mine was, but hopefully knowing that I made it out will give you peace. Instead I want to tell you what I would do if I could start my journey all over again, with what I know now.
But, before I tell you the shortcut(s) to taking control of your money. I want to tell you where I came from. I started my journey while making less than $8,000 a year, with debt levels that exceeded my total income. Hanging out with friends was embarrassing, they could afford to go out while I had to ask dear ol mom to ‘loan’ me some money. I was angry because I couldn’t see any other path. The light at the end of the tunnel was far too dim for me to see. I was depressed because I didn’t think I would ever be more than what I was. I always felt I was destined to be great but that dream felt unrealistic and it broke my heart.
The moment I picked up a book called “ Automatic Weath” changed my life. The second I finished reading it, I gathered all the courage that I could and I started to make some much needed changes in my life. I got rid of some of my friends who where a negative influence in my life, and I started reading like a madman. I remember going to the bookstore in the mall,collecting all the books I could and just sat their and read until they kicked me out of the store.
Since that day back in 2011ish I accomplished:
100% debt free
I now save around 35 - 50% of my income every month
I negotiated a ,$25,000 dollar raise. and about ($3,000 - $10,000 more every year since)
That's the cliff notes version, each accomplishment was like a mini obstacle course in a larger obstacle course. Every time I thought I found a way out, there was a dead end. For example problems like knowing how to negotiate a raise when you have no leverage, figuring out how to save money and pay off debt at the same time, or creating a budget that wasn’t a chore to stick to. O yea and dating while you are trying to create a better life for yourself.
The good news is that you can use my knowledge as a bargaining chip. You don’t have to try to figure it out all on your own. You can learn through my mistakes. And I promise you that I will reveal the next step in creating a better life for yourself. All I ask from you is to join my facebook group, the " Cult of Personal Finance " I know I know “ look at this guy trying to sell me something.” Yes, I will be offering training courses and they will be exclusive for the group but you are not obligated to buy them and the price to join my group is free. The group is for people who like you, want to get out of debt, make more money, and enjoy the freedom of knowing you no longer have to worry about money. We are there to support each other and help one another grow. The group is private so all members must be approved by lil ol me before they may enter.
I created the group because the support of peers and colleagues and friends is PART of what helped me succeed, and that's actually Step 1. Become a part of a community built around your goal of becoming financially independent . Here is the link one more time: Cult Of Personal Finance 
See you on the other side,

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