Dear Debt.

Dear Debt,

We used to have a love hate relationship. We meet when I was 18 when you gave me jewelry from Marks and Morgans. You gave me more attention then I could bear and I destroyed our relationship because of it. I own that I messed us up. Bad decision after bad decision you stayed by my side despite my abuse of you. People who I trusted all told me I was mistreating you, but I would not listen. By the time I was 22 I had more of you then I dare say.

Something clicked about four years ago. I finally realized that you were not a tool to get me the things I wanted faster. You are a means of protection or hedge to fight the unexpected events of life. I understand now that you can’t replace cash, but you can stand in her steed for a moment or two.

I lowered my expectations for you and now I can say our relationship is a lot better. I hold you in a reverence that I never did before. Hopefully our relationship stays on this path because I don’t know if we can survive anymore heartache.


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