Tuesday Musings: Integrity is up to you

After having a conversation with Mr. POF over at Physician on FIRE  that I should post more than just my usual featured post of the month - I agreed with him, so this my attempt at creating more episodic content per week. 

I am going to call this section Tuesday Musings. Each Tuesday, I am going to post a quote and then post 100 or more words, sharing my thoughts on said quote  hopefully adding some insight that you may have not thought of. 

“Intelligence, energy, and integrity. And if they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother with the first two. I tell them, ‘Everyone here has the intelligence and energy—you wouldn’t be here otherwise. But the integrity is up to you. You weren’t born with it, you can’t learn it in school.”
Warren Buffett 

Warren, often talks about how he wants his managers to be honest and dependable.  Finding integrity is the tough part. Because most of us has a number that we can be bought at. It's a topic that we really don’t like to talk about because it goes against our base desire to be seen as good people. It's a tough realization but in order to figure out if we can maintain our integrity in the face of many challenges we must each search ourselves and see how far we are willing to cross the line to get that magical edge.

Integrity is something you earn over your lifetime, it can not be given or taken away it's up to us to protect our integrity through our actions.

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