Tuesday Musing: RIP Craig Sager

Time is simply how you live your life.”
- Craig Sager

This wasn’t my intended quote I was going to use today, but with his recent passing I thought it fitting to post it today.

Some of you may know that sports had a big part of my early development, from the way I approach business, investing, and management training. So Craig, was apart of my Thursday night viewing ritual. Every week I would see some white dude with the most colorful suits on this side of the pond asking the coaches and players introspective questions during the middle and at the end of  games.

He was there when the bulls broke the record for most wins in a season, he was there when Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run.  ( he even ran the bases with Hank)

Through all those events he was there.

While I didn’t know Mr. Sager personally, he was every bit a part of my life - so it saddens my heart to see him gone.

I always hated the metaphor "time is money". Time has nothing in common with money - you can’t buy more of it, you can't bargain for more of it, you can’t trade it for a big mac and large fries. All we can do is spend our time doing what we love to do as often as we can.

I don’t want to turn this into a PSA for retiring early but if we are going to work through our golden years at the very least, make it work that you enjoy.

Craig Sager tap danced to work every day, we should too.

I leave you with Craig's speech from this last ESPY's let it move you to tears as it did me.

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