Case Study: Using a story to inspire my staff before a big movie

If you aren't living under a rock you know Star Wars Rogue One is coming out on Friday with the big premiere being tonight starting at 7 pm.

I am normally very factual but I chose to use a story this time to see if that would make a noticeable difference in the performance of the theater. I will post updates to let you all know how it went.

Until then this is the email I sent my staff:


I came across this story and I thought I would share it with you all…

In the early 1980s a fellow named Sterling Price worked as a cook at a Pizza Hut. of course this was before places like Subway and Quiznos so if you wanted a good sub you usually went to a pizza place to get one.

One day a lady came in asking if they had any meatball subs. They had just sold the last one so they were out. The lady got very upset - on the verge of tears. Being the quick thinker he was Sterling told her that while he didn’t have the pre made  meatball subs he did have sandwich rolls, meatballs, tomato sauce, and cheese so he could make her a hand made sub instead, it would just take longer.

She thanked him profusely explaining to Sterling that her husband was pretty sick and he wasn’t eating. Her husband mentioned that he really wanted a meatball sub so she went  on a six stop  journey to find him a meatball sub and how this was going to be her last stop before she went home empty handed.

Sterling didn’t think to much of it and went on with his shift….

The next day the woman called the Pizza Hut and asked to speak with Sterling. She explained that her husband ate the entire sub and was very grateful she was able to get it for him It was the most complete meal he had in days.

You see her husband had stage four cancer and a loss of appetite was the least of the unpleasant symptoms he had but it was the only one she could provide any comfort for. So it meant a lot to her that Sterling could be so flexible with the menu.

During the night the lady told Sterling that her husband had passed away. That sub was his last meal. She was crying by then but thanked Sterling again and said it helped make his last day on earth a little more bearable.

The reason why people come to the movies are all different:

Some want to see Star Wars
Some want to get out of the house
Some want to take their kids out but don't want to drive to Disneyworld

Whatever their reasons are, as employees of the majestic 11 we have one job - to make their movie going experience as pleasant as possible.

So remember when you get a customer that is grumpy or short with you, understand that you do not know what's going on with that person and you do not know why they choose to go to the movies at that moment.

Till next time,

Stay excellent to each other...


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