The Simple Path to Wealth book review

I've always been a fan of apprenticeships vs going to school. Experience trumps book knowledge if you have to pick one. 

Likewise I spent my college years directly and indirectly training under several people to take over the position I have now.

Having a mentor who has been there, done that is invaluable.

For the better part of a year, that's what Jim has been for me through his blog. 

He is a guy who has been living the American dream for about 26 years. Almost as long as I have been alive!

Anytime I was trying explain what the new American dream is I always thought back to one of his " so easy you could do it in your sleep" concepts .

Dude has no idea how much he has influenced me and how I try to explain the NAD concepts on this site. 

So when I found out that Jim, was about to publish a book I jumped all over the chance to give back to the man who has helped me buy being a copy of his book.

Here is my review of “The Simple Path to Wealth.”

Like a great musician, or poet, JC doesn't change his message - he expands on his views.  

"What does the book promise to deliver to the reader?"

The book attempts to give us a blueprint to wealth. 

The simple path to wealth is the long form letter to his of age daughter. A path that she and her friends can take to insure she has a life that is full of happiness no stress and all the f-u money she could ever want. 

Likewise if you or I were to walk on this simple path we could also end up well off. 

"Does it accomplish what it sets out to accomplish?"

And then some. Jim created a book that lays out a way step by step to 1) how to get out of debt, (never get there in the first place) and 2) how to invest in the most effective way for 99% of Americans

"What makes this author uniquely qualified to write on this topic?"
JC, has been living the American Dream for close to 30 years. 

"Would you recommend this book?"

Simplicity is the cornerstone of happiness and there is no better example of this fact than the book the simple path to wealth. 

The book is well worth a read no matter where you are on your NAD journey. 


I’d happily put in more effort for more return. More effort for less return? Not so much.”

“Sensible flexibility is what provides security.”

“However, for the three years we both weren’t working, our net worth actually grew. It was the first time we fully realized we had moved beyond just having F-You Money. We had become financially independent.”

“There are many things that money can buy, but the most valuable of all is freedom.”

“For me, the pursuit of financial independence has never been about retirement. I like working and I’ve enjoyed my career. It’s been about having options. It’s been about being able to say “no.” It’s been about having F-You Money and the freedom it provides.”

"Waste no time. Debt is a crisis that needs immediate attention. If you are currently in debt, paying it off is your top priority. Nothing else is more important.”

“Simple is good. Simple is easier. Simple is more profitable.”

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