"The Living Room" Flash Fiction Story

“Is the air conditioning broken?”asked Kevin to his wife Kimberly, as he butt bumped her to wake up. Half awake she replied “who knows, go back to sleep.”

“There it is again!” as he, now watchful, sat up in his bed. “That doesn't sound like the air conditioning,” he thought to himself.

But what does it sound like?

“Footsteps??” “Couldn't be??” Kevin thought, as his fight or flight response started to kick in.

“Kim get up!”

 “Listen, I am going to the living room, I am going to go check it out. Grab your phone. If you hear anything go in the closet and call the cops.”

“I love you,” she said, her hands tracing the outline of his face.

Kevin pulled out his mab espanola gz handgun from the nightstand and started his approach to the living room.

As he passed the master bathroom, the cold of the tile shot up his legs giving him a chill to go along with his pounding heart. “Passing Todd's room now.” he mumbled to himself. “I wish Todd had come down for the summer  would be nice to have some back up.” “ I'd love to meet his new girlfriend, June”

The rustling was getting louder, as Kevin continued to tiptoe to his destination - the living room.

His heart was beating as loudly as the percussion from the Vero Beach high school band.
Just as Kevin was about to muster the courage to call out to the intrude,r he bumped the corner table knocking over the family portrait.

In that instant the front door flung open with the piti-patter of feet right behind it.

Kevin called out, “Kim call the cops!”

As he went near the door to shut it, he felt someone grab his shoulder.

Still on alert Kevin turned and fired without any hesitation.  The smoke from the gun filled the air.You ccould hear the police sirens from down the road. Kevin rotated to his left to turn on the lights.

As the light filled the living room Kevin could see the blood leaving the poor bastard’s body.
Kevin reached down to pull back the culprit's hoodie to see who would be stupid enough to rob him in his castle.
His dominant emotion turned from pride to fear as his once relieved shoulders pulled back with such tension that he could have squeezed a quarter between his shoulder blades. At that moment when he looked at the intruder's face he realized…

Todd had come home to visit.

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