"Standing a football stadium away, staring..." - Flash Fiction Story

It's not real...

She's not real...

She can't be real..

I mumble to myself as I walk to my class on campus. It's been five days since the strange woman has started following me. I am trying to keep my normal routine but it's hard to sleep when you are being followed and no one seems to believe you. Hell I don't even know if I believe me. It's a crazy story even by my standards.

I mean I told Grant, while we were walking home yesterday. I Even pointed at her and described her clothes and he still couldn't pick her out of the crowd. Grant told me not to worry because if she hasn't done anything to me by now she probably won't. That's easy for him to say, he doesn't have some strange woman standing a football stadium away staring at him not moving a muscle. 

Whatever, I am just freaking myself out, this.. um..woman hasn't done anything to me yet so maybe Grant isn't too far off on this one, besides class is about to start anyway. I need to focus, my grades are slipping and this is my favorite class to boot.

Mr Johnson teaches such engaging classes. He tells stories that really give you the chance to see what he is teaching and how you can apply it to your life.

It's such a beautiful day... not a cloud in the sky. I need to relax nothing is happening it's all in my mind. I'll figure this out.

And of course there she is still staring... Why won't she just leave me alone. It's so creepy the way she stands there not moving.

wait.. is she walking?!

Is she coming here?!

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