Five Questions with Mike "Otitis" Querim


Its time again for five questions. Unlike a lot of blogs, our interview process isn't designed to bring more of the same kinda people to my site ( though not bad). These interviews are here to bring people together who otherwise may not know each other.

Its a built in referral system.

The American dream comes in many different forms. For me it is spending as much time with my family building memories and forging relationships. For Mike it's reaching as many people as possible with his music.

I've known Mike now for about 8-9 years. He was kind enough to give me a few beats back in the day when I swore I was going to be a rapper ( boy that was a BAD idea) ever since we has keep in touch through various means over the years checking in every so often.

He is a cool customer, take some time and check out his new album The Hardest Tracks Ever Known

Give it a listen while you read through his interview - enjoy.

1. What’s your biggest business accomplishment and what did you learn from it?

My biggest business accomplishment as far as music goes was the sale of my first album. It was the start of me realizing that dealing with music nowadays, you don't really need to "know" who your fans are to have fans. But having a personal relationship with them certainly helps from the support side of things. It also showed me how social media and the internet is used to spread the word about your craft or business. It's essential nowadays to market yourself from all aspects. And even better if you do so the "old school" way in person.

2. Favorite Book EVER and Why:

Since music is more my thing, I'll tell you my most inspirational album, J. Dilla's Donuts. I remember hearing that in February 2006. I was on the fence about trying to produce until I heard that album. Halfway through, I downloaded the trial version of FL Studio (I don't even remember what version it is) and made my first attempt at a beat that night. Dilla was always my favorite producer since I knew what a producer even was, since I felt he was the most versatile of all of them and has always had the best drumwork on all of his tracks. And he could rap, too! But when I heard Donuts - it's just so masterfully crafted, every track flowing into one another. He really spoke with his beats on that album. And if you hear the original samples, the way he flipped everything is ingenious. That made me want to produce.

3. What’s one thing people don’t know about you that you’d like to share?

One thing that people don't know about me is that before I wrote lyrics, I wrote short stories as a kid. I started writing rhymes when I was about 13, but before that, I was using my creativity to let my imagination flow in the form of fictional 2-3 pagers. I even wanted to do that as a profession for a while, but later realized my calling was with music.

4.What’s one mistake that you see young people make when trying to get ahead in life and what should they do instead?

Young people make plenty of mistakes while trying to get ahead. It's a really broad subject, but overall, I think people get distracted by the wrong things. Once the focus is lost, it can be very hard to get it back. They may even put too much focus on the wrong areas - from a musician standpoint, maybe putting too much on the promotion and not enough on the mixing and mastering of the song or vice versa. Being well-rounded is extremely important.

5. If you started over building your business today, what’s the ONE thing you’d do differently?

If I were to start building my music business over with what I know now, there are so many things I would do differently. I would have better capitalized on my promotion success when it was at its peak, and would invest more money into my personal music website. Most importantly, I would choose more wisely who I would produce for. I would give my beats away for free to rappers more often than not, which is good for building relationships - I formed so many friends this way - but at the end of the day, me being more choosy would have better benefited my success.

How can my readers reach you?

I split my time between producing, rapping, and engineering my work. Check my beats out at and all my albums at If you have any questions or comments email me at 

Enjoy the music and I wish much success to everyone! Thanks for having me.

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