Living the New American Dream

We live in a world where most personal finance advice is to save 10-20% for retirement.  
The average American saves about 5% of their take home pay. Many people are drowning in debt.

We ( my girlfriend and I)  have maintained around a 35-50% savings rate, while never earning six-figure salaries. (not even close!)  To many, this is considered extreme frugality....

But for us, extreme cheapness isn't that hard. We still go out to eat ( twice a month) we still hang out with friends ( scary movie night is a staple) and we still love our steak.

We get what we want when we want it, it just so happens that we don't want things like cars, designer cloths, new cell phones or any of the other consumer staples that plague our generation.

Instead we find our enjoyment in the time we spend together doing the things we like to do.

Here is what we did this past Sunday:

Fun day

We slept in till 11:30 pm:

We follow a intermediate fasting protocol so we do not eat breakfast, instead we got our gear ready and we headed to the Olso River Conservation area .

We spent around two hours or so walking around taking pictures and talking trash to each other ( like all good couples)

From there we came home took a shower, fixed one of our food prepped meals for lunch, and watched one of our TV shows we watch together.

After we ate, we cleaned up the house because we had family stay the weekend.

NAD Nightcap 

Neither one of us really wanted to cook and we had a dinner date that we haven't used this month yet. So we decided to go get pizza from our neighborhood pizza parlor.  

I know eating out is a sin against the frugal gods but hey we like to live dangerously  :) 

After dinner we went to go get some ice cream for our customary Walking Dead ritual of me watching her eat ice cream while she and I watch the walking dead. ( I actually do not care for ice cream at all ) 

Key Takeaways 

The key to living the NAD lifestyle isn't about sacrificing the things you really want, its figuring out what you really want then 'trimming the fat' of your expenses so you can have the freedom to do the things that really matter.  

Set up your life so you eliminate the unnecessary and run towards your NAD.  

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