I'm 25, $30k to invest, high risk tolerance--what is my optimal investment style?

I’m going to try to avoid making this the typical investment question.
I’m 25.  Debt free.  Stable career and decent trajectory thus far.  I have $30,000 to invest.  While my risk tolerance is ultimately up to me, I believe that given those previous statements, it shouldbe (and is) fairly high.
With most things in life, I try to optimize my decision making while keeping things as simple as possible.  So, despite my above-average financial background, I’ve almost blindly invested in a few Vanguard mutual funds with a “set it and forget it” mentality.  This certainly isn’t a terrible thing to do with your money—but is it optimal for me?  I can’t help but think that it might not be.
I feel like there may be a few basic choices I have here:
1.       Continue as is
2.       Create and maintain my own portfolio of 8-25 securities (after extensive research)
3.       Coattail invest (Ride Buffett’s Coattails to Profits?)
Each of those options has its own mix of risk/reward/time.  Which do you think is optimal for someone in my situation?
Thanks for your time!

First off congrats on trying to figure out what you want to do with your money. This is a important first step.

The real question is what do you want from your investments? Are you looking to retire early? Are you looking to build a higher net worth?

If you are looking to retire early i'd tell you to figure out exactly want you spend a month and try to cut it by 25%. Take the excess and invest in the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund . No need to over diversify you are already buying the best companies in the world. If you want to diversify change asset classes. Don't dilute a sound investment methodology  based on fear.

Take a look at this:

Take the time to really look at your monthly bills and see if you can increase your savings rate to 50%-60%, you already have a head start all you need is to stay focused and disciplined.

Good luck.

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